Tires Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time for buying tires?

How Many Tires Should I Buy?

Where can I look online when it comes to finding tires?

Is one tire store better than another?

What do I need to remember when ordering tires?

The dealer is asking me what size tires I want. Help!

How useful is the treadwear grade printed on the side of the tire?

How do I buy tires?

I found a great deal on tires if I sign up for a credit card. Should I?

What about SUV and classic car tires?

What is a tuner tire?

What is wrong with using an air wrench on my tuner tires?

Can I check my air pressure on the road and get an accurate reading?

What are the wear patterns on tires?

Can I do my own tire maintenance?

Am I Being Scammed?

When is it Time For Tire Service?

Why aren't tuner tires "four for $99"?

Why are my tires vibrating?

Why are my tires squealing?

What kind of SUV tires should I invest in?

What are mud tires?

Should I buy custom tires and wheels online?

I wish I could see my new tires on the vehicle before I commit! Is there any help for me?

What does "M+S" mean?

Should I Underinflate My SUV Tires in Snowy Weather?

What Is a Custom Tire?

Can I Buy Discount Tires and Get Similar Performance?

What is So Important About Load Capacity on My Truck Tires?

What limitations do truck tires have off-road?

How can I use the internet to size my tires?

What is 'fitment'?

What size are my SUV tires?

Do I have to buy rims and tires "in person"?

I just want to get new versions of the tires I already have. Help!

What is a tire size calculator

I need tire size information for a much older vehicle. Is help available?

How can I convert from alpha numeric tire sizes to today's tire sizes?

Why do people use plus size tires?

Can I put a smaller tire on a slightly larger rim? It fits!

Why do I need to know tire terminology? My mechanic will know, right?

What are touring tires, seasonal tires, and all-weather tires?

What is UTQG

What is tire balancing?

What is the difference between a wheel and a tire?

What are vulcanized tires?

What is "treadlife"?

What is the Manufacturer's Road Hazard Warranty?

What is tire age?

What are some releavant tire terms I should know?

Are mud tires safe for highway driving?

What's so important about matching winter tires and chains?

Do I really need to replace all four tires at once?

Can I drive all-season tires in extreme cold?

How long do tires last?

How should I clean my winter tires and custom wheels?

How do all terrain tires work?

What is a 'footprint'?

What are some facts about mud terrain tires?

What should I keep in mind about vehicle clearances?

How Can I Improve My Gas Mileage With My Tires?

What is rolling resistance?

Will bigger tires give me better mileage?

Are fuel efficient tires safe?

What makes a fuel efficient tire so much better? Part One

What makes a fuel efficient tire so efficient?

What factors affect my tire pressure and gas mileage?

How much fuel efficiency is actually lost with under inflated tires?

Are my original tires fuel efficient?

Are there any resources online for fuel efficiency?

What is the Tire Speed Rating?

How are Tire Speed Ratings Determined?

What do tires do at their reccomended speeds?

Does the tire speed rating affect my car's abilities?

What's the trade off for greater speed potential?

Can I really go as fast as my tire speed rating says I can?

What if I carry a heavy load? Can I still drive close to my tire speed rating max?

Why should I check the tires on my new-to-me used car?

Does the tire speed rating apply to my tires no matter what?

Does my tire speed rating apply if I am "spinning out" to get out of a snow bank?

Are there many tire innovations coming soon, or are we stuck with the same old models?

Are there any radical developments in the tire market?

What are morphing tires?

What's the best new tire innovation?

Should I jump on the bandwagon with the latest tire tech?

How can I interpret the consumer reports to help me decide which new tire products to purchase?

Can a 'closed course' review give me accurate data for a product used in city driving?

What should I keep in mind when purchasing new tire products?

What's so important about the treadlife warranty

What other things should I keep in mind when buying new tires?

What is Performance Driving?

How do I Get Involved in Performance Driving?

What is Vulcanization and why should I be concerned?

Should I invest in high performance tires for regular street driving?

Are there any reference books on high performance tires?

Am I stuck with basic black in a sport performance tire?

What is a carbon fiber tire?

Should I "Wet Test" My Performance Tires?

What's the disagreement over all-season high performance tires?

Does front wheel drive make a difference?

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