Things to Remember When You Order Tires

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What do I need to remember when ordering tires?

Things to Remember When You Order Tires

If you aren't sure what kind of tires are best for you, don't worry--when it is time to order tires, there are just a few simple things to keep in mind. First, take stock of your every day driving conditions. Do you live in a city like San Antonio, Texas, where there is a great deal of highway and interstate driving? Ask your tire Dealer which tires give the smoothest and most quiet ride for the money. If you live in an area such as Colorado or Montana, where mountain ranges factor in to the drive, ask for recommendations on tires that have excellent traction ratings. If the longevity of your tires is the most important aspect, ask your Dealer for advice on which tires give the most mileage for your money. Of course, opinions vary. Many people feel that high mileage tires aren't as useful as those designed for excellent traction on slippery roads. Others want to order tires that will give maximum mileage. It all depends on your conditions, traffic, and weather concerns.

When ordering tires online, make sure to check the warranty rules. While accidents can occur, not everything is covered in a warranty. When you order tires, be sure to find out what is covered in the warranty in the event of a flat or faulty tire.



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