Finding Tires in the Right Size

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The dealer is asking me what size tires I want. Help!

Finding Tires in the Right Size

Finding tires in the right size for your vehicle sounds more complicated than it actually is. It's as simple as having a look at the side of your tires; you'll see three sets of numbers. The first set, a three-digit number, is the width of your tire. The next set is the ratio of your tires in height and width, with a letter that designates the construction of the tire; for example, "R" stands for 'radial'. The third number gives the diameter of the rim. These are the numbers you will need to give the tire retailer if you want to buy tires identical to the ones you currently have. If you are interested in finding tires different than the ones you have now, you should consult your vehicle owner's manual to know what the minimum load and speed ratings are for your car, truck or van. Don't buy tires rated lower than your manual's recommendation. Your tires should meet or exceed the ratings listed in the manual. Tell your Dealer the size of the tires you currently have, and ask the Dealer to give you options for other tires.

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