How Do I Buy Tires?

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How do I buy tires?

How Do I Buy Tires?

"How do I buy tires?", you ask? The answer can be very simple, or very complex. If you are happy with the kind of tires currently installed on your vehicle, be sure to copy down the set of three numbers (175/45R15) on the side of your tire to let the tire store associate know what make, size, and construction of tire you want. If you would like to buy tires that are larger or have better traction, you'll want to compare handling and mileage statistics.
Does your car handle more smoothly with a larger tire?
Does it get better mileage?
What about smaller tires?
There are many questions to ask, but these are the most important. It's a very good idea to check with publications such as Consumer Reports for reviews. Finding tires doesn't have to be a huge mystery. The government established a grading system called the Uniform Tire Quality Grading System to help consumers comparatively shop. The information is found on the paper label on new tires, and includes traction, temperature rating and treadwear. You can base your decision on this information, so break out your computer and do a bit of surfing. You'll soon learn who sells the best-rated tires, and the advantages of each.

Many car owners want to know, "How do I buy tires that will last?" Did you know that by not speeding, you can prolong the life of any tire? Avoid speeding and maintain proper inflation pressures, and you not only keep your tires longer, you stay safe on the road.



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