Tire Prices, Discounts, and Company Credit Cards

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I found a great deal on tires if I sign up for a credit card. Should I?

Tire Prices, Discounts, and Company Credit Cards

Tire prices can be extremely competitive, and when the competition comes down to your credit card spending, the fight for your dollar can get even more intense. Many tire stores offer deep discounts for tires when you sign up for that company's credit card. Here's the catch--many of these companies may offer you an excellent price on tires while offering a not-so-excellent interest rate on the credit card. This is where reading the fine print is extremely important. Make sure you know not only the interest rate offered on the card, but also the kinds of penalties and service charges you could incur with late payments, charges that exceed your credit limit, etc. You might get up to three digit savings on your tire purchase, but if the surcharges, interest rates and fees add up, it could wind up costing you in the long run. It's worth noting that prices differ based on tire size, speed ratings, and make and model of the car so when comparing tire prices, make sure to compare similiar tires.



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