What About SUV and Jeep Tires?

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What about SUV and classic car tires?

What About SUV and Jeep Tires?

There are plenty of little things the average driver may not know about buying tires. The auto enthusiast makes it his or her business to know, but what about the rest of us? Many people don't know that the make and model of your car can affect your tire buying decisions. The driver of a BMW, for example, has much different needs than the owner of a Ford Contour. You'll also want to consider your driving conditions. Many people own SUVs, jeeps and other sport utility vehicles; how many of these owners will actually use the vehicles off-road? If you own a vehicle with "mudders" or other specialized tires, is there a "highway-only" version that will save you money and keep you road-worthy? A little research into your particular make and model may reveal some important results.



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