What is a Tuner Tire?

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What is a tuner tire?

What is a Tuner Tire?

Tuner Tires are what some people mistakenly call "skinny. tires" Specifically, Tuner Tires are low-profile tires preferred by a large number of custom car/performance car lovers. These low-profile tires are designed to channel water away from the tire, even in high water situations. These tires may seem too low-profile to withstand deep water, but new Tuner Tire technology directly addresses the water issue. Some Tuner Tires are included as standard features on expensive European automobiles, an indication of just how popular the tires have become. There are even versions of tuner tires for luxury sport trucks! When it's time for tire maintenance or replacement, those who want to give their rides a lower profile and a more stylish look should definitely explore the Tuner Tire options for their make and model.

If Tuner Tires don't fit the bill, achieve a classic look with vintage or discontinued tires. Some manufacturers offer information about these tires on their websites.



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