Care and Feeding of Tuner Tires: Part One

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What is wrong with using an air wrench on my tuner tires?

Care and Feeding of Tuner Tires: Part One

If you have your tires installed, balanced or get an alignment job done at most garages, you will notice the use of air wrenches to tighten the lugs of your tuner tires. Torquing by hand is much better for custom wheels. If you are very picky about your tuner tires and custom wheels, ask for hand torquing. This can reduce the risk of an improperly tightened bolt, which can result in vibrating wheels. Vibrations in the wheel can lead to other problems in the suspension, so it's crucial to get the job done properly the first time around. Badly torqued bolts can also damage your custom hubs. The hand torque procedure is best.



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