Can I Do My Own Tire Maintenance?

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Can I do my own tire maintenance?

Can I Do My Own Tire Maintenance?

Some are tempted to do their own tire maintenance or tire service in order to save money. However, unless you are equipped to do a proper wheel balance job after you replace or maintain your tires, tire maintenance is a job best left to the pros. Improper wheel balancing and improper torquing of bolts can cause problems later on down the road. Your tires are the hardest working part of your car, and the most vulnerable. Punctures, improper bolt tightening, and poorly sealed flats can all become safety hazards. Unless you have the proper tools, don't bother trying to be a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to tire maintenance.

Taking care of your car means more than an oil change. Taking care of your tires is essential to safe driving. Do you have questions about proper tire maintenance? Check out your owner's manual or visit a tire Retailer that specializes in your type of car.



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