Custom Tires, SUVs and "On-Roading"

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What kind of SUV tires should I invest in?

Custom Tires, SUVs and "On-Roading"

There are thousands of auto tires to choose from, so how does the driver of a custom car, SUV, or up market vehicle know where to begin? SUV tires are probably one of the most common dilemmas, easily solved once you define your relationship with the vehicle. If you use your SUV strictly for conventional driving, a good all-season SUV tire is for you. Some reports say only 5 percent of SUV owners will take their vehicles off road. If you're one of the 5 percent, an all-terrain is your best bet. On the highway, these tires are reported as a rougher ride than ‘on-road only' types, but a good off-roader knows the value of the extra-rugged capability of the all-terrain model. Which brand tire to choose? A great place to start is, which offers reviews of many SUV tire makes and models, everything from the all-terrain versions to the ‘on-road' models. These kinds of websites are especially valuable to the first-time SUV owner in need of some good advice when it comes to deciding on a particular brand of tire.



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