Mud Tires

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What are mud tires?

Mud Tires

Did you know that some automobile tires aren't meant for city or highway driving? Some mud tires, for example, are made specifically for off-roading. Designed to hurl dirt and mud out of the tire, mud tires run louder on pavement, and give a rough ride compared to regular tire models. Off-road, of course, they perform well, handling all the dirt, gravel, and mud they are rated for. Those who want to outfit themselves with truck tires like these should make sure they take a good look at the fine print on the tire description. Most auto tires come with a ‘treadlife warranty', some brands of mud tires come with no such guarantee. Know before you buy!



5/30/2007 3:39:19 AM
fugazi said:

i have marshall venture mt on my 4x4 they are for driving on mud and not normal roads and if it raining you will kill yourself and others


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