4x4 Tire "Fitting Room"

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I wish I could see my new tires on the vehicle before I commit! Is there any help for me?

4x4 Tire "Fitting Room"

Truck tires come in many shapes and sizes, from the massive oversized 4x4 versions to ordinary ‘on-road' tires. Many 4x4 enthusiasts are very particular about their truck tires and if you're one of them, consider ordering from vendors that offer the “test track” feature on their websites. This lets you input the make, model and year of your vehicle and select the latest 4x4 tire offerings. Some websites are new to this feature and may not have as many makes and models uploaded for "fitting room" style viewing, but once you locate a site that does feature your truck, try on different 4x4 truck tires for size and see how you like the look—it could make a huge difference in your satisfaction with the final purchase!



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