What Is a Custom Tire?

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What Is a Custom Tire?

What Is a Custom Tire?

What many people think of when they talk custom automobile tires is actually more of a package deal. The first part of the package is a preferred tire or brand tire or aftermarket tire itself such as Kumho, Nankang, Nitto, or others. Next is the ‘wheel', which the tire is mounted on. These sport flashy designs, eye catching color schemes and unique construction. Another part of the custom tire package can include chrome-plated valve stems and other little luxuries. None of this is "essential", after all, any properly rated tire and rim set will do. However, those who want their vehicles to stand out from the crowd are eager to install aftermarket extras. Custom tires, brand name tires that raise eyebrows among those 'in-the-know' and other fun accessories make all the difference when it comes to a unique vehicle.



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