Replacing Tires With Discount Truck Tires

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Can I Buy Discount Tires and Get Similar Performance?

Replacing Tires With Discount Truck Tires

Truck and SUV owners have a much larger bill to deal with when it comes to replacing those truck tires and SUV tires. "Tire sticker shock" for new truck and SUV owners is common, and many are tempted to get the SUV version of car discount tires. This may serve your immediate needs and save a bit of money, but many owners are convinced to shell out the extra money for premium tires once the math is done. Economy tires last about half as long as their premium counterparts. If you would rather spend a larger sum now to avoid another expenditure sooner, premium truck tires or SUV tires are definitely the way to go. In many cases economy tires have a treadwear warranty of about 40 thousand miles, where premiums are guaranteed for around 80 thousand miles.



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