What is So Important About Inflation Pressure on My Truck Tires?

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What is So Important About Load Capacity on My Truck Tires?

What is So Important About Inflation Pressure on My Truck Tires?

Even those who drive custom trucks with special truck tires are tempted to do a bit of hauling from time to time; a friend moves to a new home, or you need to do some work on the old garage. Whatever your reasons, you need to load up the bed of the truck and get from point A to point B. This is where the truck tire load capacity rating becomes important. If you wind up carrying a load that exceeds your truck tire's capacity, the tires build up too much heat during the drive. This is dangerous and can lead to what industry pros call "tire failure." A blowout on the highway with a heavy load is not what you want. Be sure you know the load capacity on your truck tires and stay within the rated limits.

Maintain the manufacturer's recommended inflation for your truck tire. Check the manufacturer's guidelines and review your truck's tire specifics. Underinflation is the most common cause of tire failure.



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