What Truck Tires Cannot Do

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What limitations do truck tires have off-road?

What Truck Tires Cannot Do

You have the truck; you have the special off-road truck tires, a place to run them on and a day off to tear up the countryside as you please. Before you get your off-road four wheeling started, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially if you're new to off-road truck driving. Big tires, superior tires and ultra-rugged automobile tires cannot compensate for a lack of experience or ability off-road. Stay within your limits and don't push the envelope with your driving skill in the early days. Experienced drivers know that going down a hill diagonally, for example, is an invitation to roll over, no matter how good or large your truck tires may be. They simply can't defy the laws of physics. Crossing a log obstacle can be tricky-depending on your approach your tires may cause the logs to rise and smack the undercarriage of your vehicle. Proceed slowly and carefully until you get the feel for how your truck tires can handle these situations. Some off-road enthusiasts will reduce truck tire pressure for better traction on sand, but let the driver beware-under inflated tires can be a hazard, and if you forget to re-inflate your truck tires for highway driving, you are accepting risks that experienced drivers don't like to take. Your tires are there to get you where you want to go, be aware of their limitations and you will have safe and fun times off-road.



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