Buying Tires? Need Sizes?

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How can I use the internet to size my tires?

Buying Tires? Need Sizes?

There are many ways to size a tire. You can even do it online before setting foot in the store! Many websites allow you use a handy tool to find your make and model, complete with car tires recommended for each. Your tire size should be quite easy to find. The next step should be doing a bit of comparison shopping online to find a good tire sale. You can size your tires and save a bit of money at the same time. Many websites will allow you to check pricing online to save time from calling or visiting tire Dealers. If you'd rather take home your tires, be sure to have your installation done by a qualified professional.

The sizing information for your car tires is not hard to find. On a tire's sidewall, look for an alphanumeric code that has a format like "P205/60R15", "LT245/65R16", "215/50ZR17" or "31x10.50R15LT". Copy down this whole size designation and take it with you to the tire store to ensure you get the right size for your vehicle.



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