SUV Tire Pressures

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What size are my SUV tires?

SUV Tire Pressures

Many people do not realize that SUVs don't always come with tires rated P for passenger. There are SUV models that have come from the factory with Light Truck rated tires. If you are buying a new or used vehicle, double check your SUV tires and decide if they suit your needs. Light Truck tires are made to handle heavy loads and need more air pressure. Check the vehicle placard for proper tire pressure. If you are handling heavy loads, consult your tire Retailer to see if a higher inflation pressure is necessary. This can be a big safety risk, especially when hauling heavy loads. Never haul a load with anything less than properly inflated and balanced tires for maximum safety. See a qualified Retailer for complete details on your SUV tire size.

The recommended PSI, or tire pressure, for your car or SUV can be found in the owner's manual of the car, or on a place card attached to the vehicle. SUV tires can lose 1 to 2 psi per month if not checked and adjusted.



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