Touring Tires, All Season, and More

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What are touring tires, seasonal tires, and all-weather tires?

Touring Tires, All Season, and More

One of your first choices when buying tires is what type to get; all-season, touring tires, or seasonal tires. But what do these terms mean? An all-season or all-weather tire has treads built to handle a variety of conditions from dry pavement to wet and slushy or snowy roads. These tires perform "in the middle" for all these conditions in terms of handling and performance. When ordering tires, if you want a set that excels in winter conditions, seasonal tires are the way to go. Keep in mind that you'll need to change from winter seasonal tires to summer once the weather turns. Seasonal tires tend to wear out much faster when used "out of season". A touring tire is one built to offer a comfortable ride, like a regular passenger tire, but also offer some high-performance features too. High performance tires are built for speed and have larger dimensions.



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