What is "UTQG"?

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What is UTQG

What is "UTQG"?

When looking at tire prices, you may notice an acronym popping up again and again; UTQG. This stands for "Uniform Tire Quality Grade". The UTQG is a government tire rating system which measures many different factors including temperature resistance, treadwear, and traction. Some tires are rated lower on the scale depending on their function. A mud tire is not built to last on the open road, so it may have a lower treadlife than a high mileage touring tire. Nobody expects to put 40 thousand miles in a mud bog, so naturally those who buy tires made for mud aren't bothered if those tires are rated lower in treadlife. The rating has different relevance depending on your needs. One thing to remember, the UTQG is most relevant between tires of the same manufacturer. Different companies make their tires in different ways-your results may vary between one brand and another.



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