How Do I Get The Best Tire Value

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What is "treadlife"?

How Do I Get The Best Tire Value

Treadlife refers to how long a tire's tread will be usable. A treadlife warranty is an important part of checking the tire price. Some are low, around 40,000 miles or so. Others are higher and offer more value for your money depending on where and how you drive. That "how and where" is a very important thing to remember when ordering tires. You may not get the full 40,000 miles out of your tires because of terrain, heat and other conditions where you live and drive. Some drivers will want the higher treadlife warranty based on their experiences in that area, others opt for the less expensive models as a matter of economics. Whichever you choose, make your decision based on as much information as possible based on your driving conditions.

Increase your tire's mileage and protect your investment by keeping your tires properly inflated. Reduce your overall tire price by checking the manufacturer's website for coupons and rebates.



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