So Many Warranties

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What is the Manufacturer's Road Hazard Warranty?

So Many Warranties

It's true, when ordering tires you may be offered many options along with the standard treadlife warranty. One such option is the Manufacturer Road Hazard Warranty offered by some Dealers. This is often presented as an option when you are pricing tires; some people love this feature, which offers to replace or repair tires damaged by potholes, debris or other unexpected objects you encounter while driving. The Road Hazard Warranty is not available for all tires, but if your dealer offers this service, you may wish to give it some serious thought. It is basically puncture insurance for your brand new tires.

Some manufactures offer roadside assistance for free with selected products. When ordering tires online, be sure to print out and save all warranty information that you may need later. When your tires arrive, check them thoroughly before having them installed on your car to check for damage or inconsistencies.



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