The Importance of Matching Snow Tires

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What's so important about matching winter tires and chains?

The Importance of Matching Snow Tires

Mud and snow tires, snow tire chains and other traction devices give plenty of extra handling and traction help in wet conditions, but it is very important to insure your snow tires are matched properly. Use the same tires on each axle, or the same snow tires for the entire vehicle. This will insure proper handling and traction. You should also never mis-match snow tire chains on a vehicle. Mismatching can cause your vehicle to slip, lose traction or otherwise improperly slow down on wet and icy pavement. Keep your winter tires matched, and your winter driving conditions will be much easier to deal with.

While accidents do happen, there are ways to minimize the risks. Driving with four matching snow tires can reduce your chance of a spin out when braking or cornering in snow or on ice.



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