An Informed Buyer is a Happy Buyer

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Are my original tires fuel efficient?

An Informed Buyer is a Happy Buyer

Your car's original equipment tires may not have been manufactured during the advent of fuel efficient tires, but they do feature better rolling resistance, and hence, better gas mileage. Why? Automobile makers know that first impressions are very important, right down to the performance of the tires. Those original tires will most likely do what they are designed to do--help to impress you with the vehicle's gas mileage or at least hold their own in that department. Unfortunately, when it comes time to replace those tires, many replacements are not fuel efficient models, and hence a reduced performance in terms of fuel economy. When you approach your dealer for replacement tires, be sure to ask for fuel efficient tires. It's better to ask up front and know you are getting the best gas mileage for the money rather than take chances with what is in stock if fuel efficiency is one of your main concerns.



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