Fuel-Efficient Tires and Your Vehicle

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Are there any resources online for fuel efficiency?

Fuel-Efficient Tires and Your Vehicle

If you are doing everything in your power to increase your gas mileage, you have probably already factored in your tire pressure/gas mileage ratio, purchased your fuel-efficient tires and gotten a tun-up. But how do you accurately calculate the mileage you should be getting? If you aren't sure, try consulting the Fuel Economy Ratings website, which offers a wide range of helpful information, including a how-to on fuel economy, fuel-efficient tires, and best of all, a car comparison feature that lets you search for a vehicle's efficiency ratings by year, make and model.

Get the most from your fuel efficient tires by properly inflating them. Underinflated tires result in sluggish handling and decreased fuel economy.



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