Buying New Tires

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Should I jump on the bandwagon with the latest tire tech?

Buying New Tires

When buying new tire products, it's important to evaluate how the expense might offset your enjoyment of the new features. Some drivers take a lesson from computer buffs, who are often prone to wait on new technologies until the second or third edition hits the market. You may be very tempted by that brand new tire product, but waiting to buy until after the initial fad has passed has its advantages. After the initial excitement dies down, the price is likely to come down at least a bit. Those who jump on the bandwagon first will pay the premium "new toy" price. By waiting, you can read Consumer Reports on the new tire products and see what lives up to the hype and what does not.

Stay on the cutting edge of new products and technology in the tire industry. New tire products often represent the latest in fuel-saving technology.



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