How to Evaluate the Evaluators

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How can I interpret the consumer reports to help me decide which new tire products to purchase?

How to Evaluate the Evaluators

New tire products hit the market all the time, and auto consumer publications jump on the bandwagon to test these new products. How can you evaluate their evaluation? Will their tests give you accurate information? The short answer--it all depends on what you need.
Are you building a performance car for racing and high-speed driving? You'll want to read new tire product reviews conducted on a closed course and at the speeds you are apt to use.
How does the new tire product help the vehicle's performance over the length of the test? Does it start out well, but disappoint over the long haul? Or are the benefits consistent and noticeable for the duration of use?
These are important questions. That new tread design may be an exciting development in one area, but disappointing in another. Don't overlook data on how the new benefits hold up to other features on the tire such as tread life and other factors.



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