Buying New Tires? A Few Things To Consider

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What other things should I keep in mind when buying new tires?

Buying New Tires? A Few Things To Consider

When you go shopping to buy tires, ask yourself a few questions first:

1. Have my driving needs changed? Are you the owner of an SUV? If you are hauling more weight than before, consider going to a higher load rating. If you are carrying a full passenger load these days, plus tools, groceries and other additional weight factors you may need the extra safety margin a higher load rated tire can give.

2. Have I moved to a new climate? Snow, rain, slush, heat and other weather factors may not have been a consideration before. If you are buying tires in a new climate, reevaluate your needs instead of simply buying the identical model you have on your vehicle now.

3. Am I driving longer distances? Or am I doing more start-and-stop city driving? Again, if you are in a new environment you'll want to increase your traction, treadlife and speed rating needs. Chances are those needs have changed if you have relocated.

4. What new tire products are available for my vehicle? You may discover a whole new world of better traction, handling, and comfort simply by not buying the exact same model and brand of tire. Check consumer reports and reviews before you buy tires, you may be quite pleasantly surprised.



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