Sport-Performance Tires and Heat

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What is Vulcanization and why should I be concerned?

Sport-Performance Tires and Heat

Many sport-performance driving fanatics know about a curious problem with some sport-performance tires--they seem fine, with more than half the tread left on them, but the tires themselves are absolute rubbish. The reason? Excessive heat can harden your sport-performance tires until they are eventually compromised. The process is called 'vulcanization' and as a result, traction is reduced, and your sport-performance tires may be dangerously weakened. It's recommended that drivers check their tires once a month; for sport performance tires, you should definitely be giving your vehicle a thorough check as often as necessary.

Before purchasing your sport-performance tires, make sure to clarify with your manufacturer whether your car performs better with extreme sport-performance, ultra high-performance, maximum high-performance or all-season high-performance tires.



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