Wet-Testing Your High Performance Tires

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Should I "Wet Test" My Performance Tires?

Wet-Testing Your High Performance Tires

If you are new to high performance tires, you might overlook an important handling aspect; how does your vehicle respond on wet surfaces? Some sport performance tire comparison tests concentrate on 'dry handling' data as the major part of the performance rating. If you are still getting the hang of how your vehicle behaves with performance tires, be sure to get an idea of how the tires behave on the wet road. Getting used to the responsiveness of your vehicle in the rain and snow is important when it comes to controlled handling. Don't be caught by surprise-make a conscious effort to learn the limitations and advantages of your high performance tires in the wet. There are "all-season" performance tires available if you'd rather avoid a regular tire swap when summer and winter come along. To get an overload of information on wet testing tires, do a Google search on the phrase "performance tire wet test."



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