What Does "M+S" Mean?

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What does "M+S" mean?

What Does "M+S" Mean?

On the sides of some truck tires you will see the designation "M+S," which stands for Mud and Snow. M+S tires are built to improve performance in snow compared to tires that are not designated as snow-and-mud tires. Another set of tires carries a mountain and snowflake emblem which indicates the tire is rated for severe snow- these tires perform even better than the M+S versions. Some people are big believers in all-weather tires as opposed to snow tires or winter tires, but for people who live in areas of potentially heavy snowfall, big brand winter tires or better are preferable.

If you decide to install new truck tires, be sure to keep with the same make and model, and do not mix and match the tires. All truck tires should be of the same size, construction, and speed rating for your truck.



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