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I wish I could see my new tires on the vehicle before I commit! Is there any help for me?

4x4 Tire "Fitting Room"

Truck tires come in many shapes and sizes, from the massive oversized 4x4 versions to ordinary ‘on-road' tires. Many 4x4 enthusiasts are very particular about their truck tires and if you're one of them, consider ordering from vendors that offer the “test track” feature on their websites. This lets you input the make, model and year of your vehicle and select the latest 4x4 tire offerings. Some websites are new to this feature and may not have as many makes and models uploaded for "fitting room" style viewing, but once you locate a site that does feature your truck, try on different 4x4 truck tires for size and see how you like the look—it could make a huge difference in your satisfaction with the final purchase!

Can I Buy Discount Tires and Get Similar Performance?

Replacing Tires With Discount Truck Tires

Truck and SUV owners have a much larger bill to deal with when it comes to replacing those truck tires and SUV tires. "Tire sticker shock" for new truck and SUV owners is common, and many are tempted to get the SUV version of car discount tires. This may serve your immediate needs and save a bit of money, but many owners are convinced to shell out the extra money for premium tires once the math is done. Economy tires last about half as long as their premium counterparts. If you would rather spend a larger sum now to avoid another expenditure sooner, premium truck tires or SUV tires are definitely the way to go. In many cases economy tires have a treadwear warranty of about 40 thousand miles, where premiums are guaranteed for around 80 thousand miles.

What kind of SUV tires should I invest in?

Custom Tires, SUVs and "On-Roading"

There are thousands of auto tires to choose from, so how does the driver of a custom car, SUV, or up market vehicle know where to begin? SUV tires are probably one of the most common dilemmas, easily solved once you define your relationship with the vehicle. If you use your SUV strictly for conventional driving, a good all-season SUV tire is for you. Some reports say only 5 percent of SUV owners will take their vehicles off road. If you're one of the 5 percent, an all-terrain is your best bet. On the highway, these tires are reported as a rougher ride than ‘on-road only' types, but a good off-roader knows the value of the extra-rugged capability of the all-terrain model. Which brand tire to choose? A great place to start is, which offers reviews of many SUV tire makes and models, everything from the all-terrain versions to the ‘on-road' models. These kinds of websites are especially valuable to the first-time SUV owner in need of some good advice when it comes to deciding on a particular brand of tire.

Should I buy custom tires and wheels online?

Custom Tires and Accessories Online

Many custom tire shops offer online catalogues--browsing and comparing prices for custom car tires and rims has never been easier. You can also get a huge range of accessories including custom hubcaps. Every website is different, some offer lay-away plans, some offer package deals on tires and accessories, and some sites specialize in a single type of vehicle. Classic car tires, custom tires and wheels, and other specialized parts have very specific clauses in their warranty agreements. It's very important to always read the fine print and know before you buy! You can definitely find great deals on custom auto tires and wheels, but the terms and conditions vary from vendor to vendor.

What limitations do truck tires have off-road?

What Truck Tires Cannot Do

You have the truck; you have the special off-road truck tires, a place to run them on and a day off to tear up the countryside as you please. Before you get your off-road four wheeling started, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially if you're new to off-road truck driving. Big tires, superior tires and ultra-rugged automobile tires cannot compensate for a lack of experience or ability off-road. Stay within your limits and don't push the envelope with your driving skill in the early days. Experienced drivers know that going down a hill diagonally, for example, is an invitation to roll over, no matter how good or large your truck tires may be. They simply can't defy the laws of physics. Crossing a log obstacle can be tricky-depending on your approach your tires may cause the logs to rise and smack the undercarriage of your vehicle. Proceed slowly and carefully until you get the feel for how your truck tires can handle these situations. Some off-road enthusiasts will reduce truck tire pressure for better traction on sand, but let the driver beware-under inflated tires can be a hazard, and if you forget to re-inflate your truck tires for highway driving, you are accepting risks that experienced drivers don't like to take. Your tires are there to get you where you want to go, be aware of their limitations and you will have safe and fun times off-road.

What are mud tires?

Mud Tires

Did you know that some automobile tires aren't meant for city or highway driving? Some mud tires, for example, are made specifically for off-roading. Designed to hurl dirt and mud out of the tire, mud tires run louder on pavement, and give a rough ride compared to regular tire models. Off-road, of course, they perform well, handling all the dirt, gravel, and mud they are rated for. Those who want to outfit themselves with truck tires like these should make sure they take a good look at the fine print on the tire description. Most auto tires come with a ‘treadlife warranty', some brands of mud tires come with no such guarantee. Know before you buy!

What Is a Custom Tire?

What Is a Custom Tire?

What many people think of when they talk custom automobile tires is actually more of a package deal. The first part of the package is a preferred tire or brand tire or aftermarket tire itself such as Kumho, Nankang, Nitto, or others. Next is the ‘wheel', which the tire is mounted on. These sport flashy designs, eye catching color schemes and unique construction. Another part of the custom tire package can include chrome-plated valve stems and other little luxuries. None of this is "essential", after all, any properly rated tire and rim set will do. However, those who want their vehicles to stand out from the crowd are eager to install aftermarket extras. Custom tires, brand name tires that raise eyebrows among those 'in-the-know' and other fun accessories make all the difference when it comes to a unique vehicle.

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