How do I know what inflation pressure is appropriate for my SUV tire?

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Should I Underinflate My SUV Tires in Snowy Weather?

How do I know what inflation pressure is appropriate for my SUV tire?

Some drivers believe it is a good idea to under inflate or let the air out of their SUV tires to help improve traction during snowy conditions. The disadvantages of this are numerous, whether you are using big brand tires, or a no-name SUV tire. Drivers are much better off purchasing snow tires if traction is a serious concern. SUV tires wear faster when underinflated; they also force the engine to work harder, naturally affecting your gas mileage. SUV owners are painfully aware of gas consumption to begin with, adding to your fuel woes with underinflated SUV tires won't help. The most important reason to keep your tires properly maintained? Low tire pressure is one of the leading causes of SUV tire failure.

If you cannot find your owner's manual, the recommended inflation for your SUV tires might be posted on edge of the driver's door.



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