Searching For Special Offers

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Do I have to buy rims and tires "in person"?

Searching For Special Offers

If you are in the market for alternatives to the original tires or tire sizes that came with your make and model, consider searching Google, Yahoo or elsewhere online with the phrase "rim and tire special" and find a tire sale. This will turn up a lot of information for those serious about the appearance of their vehicles. Did you know you can get free mounting hardware, chrome stems and free balancing in some cases? More than a few websites advertise a package deal that you could install in your own driveway right out of the box! Of course ,these sites also recommend professional installation, but you get the idea. There are a wide range of options to choose from online; rim and tire specials have become the norm all over the Internet. Find the vendor with the prices you like best and you'll probably wind up hooked on Internet aftermarket parts.

Be one of the first to hear about an upcoming tire sale by attending promotional car shows or by joining manufacturer email lists. You can get updates and information via email and be one of the first to benefit from tire sales.



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