Finding The Right Size And Type of Tire

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What is a tire size calculator

Finding The Right Size And Type of Tire

There are many reasons why people want to change tire sizes. Some are aesthetic, some are related to perceived or actual changes concerning handling or performance. Whatever the reason, you'll need to use a tire selector tool to help you determine what options you may have in using plus size tires, or other car tire options. You can find a tire size calculator at many Retailer websites; many offer tire size comparisons for the year, make and model of a given vehicle. Just plug your data into the tire selector and you'll have your results. You'll need to know how tall and wide your current tires are, plus the diameter in inches. All this information is available on the sidewall of your tires.

An advanced tire selector tool can help you find a tire based on your normal driving conditions or the need for an upcoming long-distance or high-performance drive. Make sure to check the correct PSI for your new tires based on the different driving conditions. Your tire's correct air pressure is dependent on car loads, tire speeds and more.



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