What is the Difference Between a Wheel and a Tire?

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What is the difference between a wheel and a tire?

What is the Difference Between a Wheel and a Tire?

When checking on tire prices, you may see a price listed for the tire alone, and another price for the tire with a wheel included. Some get confused here by tire terms. A tire is the rubber that meets the road, whereas a wheel is what a tire gets mounted on. If you are ordering tires and aren't interested in replacing your wheels, simply tell the mechanic you want to have new tires put on your existing wheels. If you do want a new tire/wheel combo, ask your dealer to show you a price list that includes wheels on all tires in your price range. The kind of wheels you want may affect the overall price of the tire. Many sellers offer package incentive deals for wheel/tire combos, so upgrading your original equipment wheels may not be as pricey as you might think.



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