Tire Glossary

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What are some releavant tire terms I should know?

Tire Glossary

When ordering tires, here is a list of some tire terms you are likely to encounter:
Footprint- this refers to the parts of the tire that touch the ground at any one time. A bigger footprint can mean better handling in some instances.

Mixing Tires- this refers to not having the same tires on each end of your vehicle's axles, which can be a liability in slippery conditions.

Sidewall- this is basically the side of your tire, the portion that faces out towards the curb when you kneel down to look at it. The sidewall is where most of your vital tire stats are located.

UnderInflation- not having enough air in the tires. This is dangerous and is not recommended, especially for those who carry heavy loads.

Mounting Tires- a tire is mounted when it is fitted onto a rim or wheel, sealed and inflated. The tire is then placed on the vehicle and the lug nuts tightened down.

Crown- this refers to the center part of a tire tread.

Traction- how well your car's tires hug the pavement. Knowing these tire terms can help you understand what your Dealer means when he or she is trying to sell you on the finer points of a particular tire. An informed buy is a smart one!

To learn what the labeling means on your tire, and for other advanced tire terms, visit the information section of the tire manufacturer's website. Have a question? Contact the customer service department for more detailed help.



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