Which Tires Are Best For Winter Conditions

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Can I drive all-season tires in extreme cold?

Which Tires Are Best For Winter Conditions

Canadian tire experts routinely warn people about the limitation of all-weather tires in extremely cold conditions. If you live in an area that gets as cold as some parts of Canada, you should know how the cold affects all-weather tires. These tires begin to lose traction and stiffen at near freezing temperatures. Winter tires are made with a softer material that allows them to maintain traction in these low temperatures. The reason winter tires shouldn't be driven year round? That softer material wears out faster on dry pavement. Summer driving with snow tires will have you replacing them much sooner. The choice of tires is up to you, but keep freezing factor in mind if you must drive with all-season tires.

Looking for winter tires, but lost in a sea of black wheels? Here's a quick hint: Winter tires rated for Severe Snow Conditions bear a snowflake and mountain symbol.



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