Cleaning Snow Tires and Custom Wheels

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How should I clean my winter tires and custom wheels?

Cleaning Snow Tires and Custom Wheels

Drivers who fuss over the appearance of their vehicles take great care with the tire wheels, just as much as the tires themselves. Whether you are cleaning snow tires, that replacement all terrain tire, or any other kind of wheel/tire combo, there are a few pointers that can help. Tires and wheels have different cleaning needs, so it's not a good idea to use the same brushes for both snow tires and tire wheels. Some cleaning compounds made for tires can damage custom wheels-don't clean your chrome with rubber cleaning compounds! Many custom car lovers would cringe at the idea of using a conventional car wash to properly clean a vehicle. The soaps used are often less than adequate. For wheels, there is an acid-free cleaning compound that takes more time, but the results are wonderful. Those who don't have the time to invest in an acid-free cleaner should not let an acid-based cleaning compound dry on the wheels as it can damage the finish. Always give a good rinsing to the wheels after the cleaning is done.



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