Mud Tread Tire Trivia Part 2

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What should I keep in mind about vehicle clearances?

Mud Tread Tire Trivia Part 2

Many people want bigger mud terrain tires for those "gumbo" situations off road. The first thing you will need to learn before getting larger all terrain tires or mud terrain tires is your fender clearance. This measurement covers both the parked clearance between tire and fender, but also the vertical play when the vehicle is in motion.

Undercarriage clearance is important-know how your mud terrain tires or all terrain tires affect that clearance! You don't want a hole in the oil pan caused by a rock that was a bit too tall.

Taller tires give additional space beneath the vehicle. How stable was that log you just drove over? Did it slip at the last moment and scrape the undercarriage? Taller tires can help to avoid contact with some objects. Wider tires may give less room underneath, but they offer better traction. If you ride on sand and mud instead of logs and boulders, better traction may be your preferred feature. The choice is a personal one, but knowing your favorite terrain can go a long way towards picking the right type of tire.



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