The Flip Side To Tire Pressure and Gas Mileage

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How much fuel efficiency is actually lost with under inflated tires?

The Flip Side To Tire Pressure and Gas Mileage

When it comes to under inflation, you will lose 0.4 percent for every single pound per square inch of air in all four tires. This may not sound like much at first, but running your tires low will add up. On top of this, don't forget the gas mileage reduction factor for air conditioning or heating, plus any losses for running tires with bad rolling resistance. If your vehicle is in need of a tune up and an oil change, you will see potential gas mileage reduction here as well. All of these numbers add up to a lot of miles per gallon lost. The little things really do mean a lot! Consult your owner's manual to determine your optimal gas mileage, check your tire pressure, get a tune up, and consider investing in fuel efficient tires for additional savings at the gas pump.



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