Buying a Used Car?

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Why should I check the tires on my new-to-me used car?

Buying a Used Car?

If you are purchasing a used car, check the speed rating on the tires to make sure you know what you are getting into. If your tires are 'low-end' models on the tire speed rating chart, you'll want to know just how much of a lead-foot you can be and still stay within safety margins. This is important to careful drivers as well as those with a need for speed; if you find yourself in a situation where you need rapid acceleration or sustained acceleration, you'll want to know what the safety margin is. Don't forget that hot pavement in summer weather can alter that safety margin. If you need to seriously pick up speed to avoid a rear end collision, how fast can you safely go? Your tires will tell you. The sustained acceleration scenario is possible in a number of situations-rushing a pregnant or injured person to the hospital, for example, or trying to make speed to avoid a rear-end collision with a truck or trailer.



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