New Tire Products-a Quick Checklist

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What should I keep in mind when purchasing new tire products?

New Tire Products-a Quick Checklist

If you want a down-and-dirty checklist to review when considering new tire products or if you need to buy tires, look no further. Here is a list of things to look for at your local vendor:
1. Treadlife Warranty--how many miles is this new tire product good for?
2. Speed Rating--if you plan to do highway driving, and can admit to yourself that you have a lead foot, stay away from the minimum tire speed ratings. Go a bit higher for a wider safety margin.
3. Load Rating--are you planning on carrying heavy loads? Don't get a passenger-rated tire when a Light Truck or higher capacity is warranted.
4. Seasonal or All-Weather? Double check to see what is offered. You may need to invest in two sets of tires in anticipation of weather changes.
Keep these in mind when you venture out to buy tires, your purchase will go much easier with a bit of extra planning.



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